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Skien is the regional administrative centre and the largest city in Telemark. We are situated in the southern part of Norway and we boast beautiful nature and small town city life.

We focus on sustainability at all stages. This is the most important aspect in developing our area. We also understand the need for businesses to grow. Not every business can have a green focus, but we are extra supportive of those who are.

Abundance of locally produced green energy in our region, makes it possible to identify the Data Center industry as one of our focal points. We aim to export data instead of power because the energy transmission loss over long distances is huge, is not sustainable and very expensive.

Skien has a diverse industry within engineering, manufacturing and technology. We have several of the world’s large and leading process industry giants in our region.

As a consequence we have a highly educated work force with good command of foreign languages and a round the clock working tradition. We also have several advanced R&D institutions and university campuses in our region.

We are very proud and supportive of our local and regional businesses and corporations. Our Mayor, politicians and city administration always aim to be supportive and to be in close contact with local businesses. We are also very focused on attracting new businesses to our area. Do not hesitate to contact us if you consider to relocate or open new business in Norway.


We are looking forward to tell you more about business opportunities and our fantastic city. All dialogue with us is of course strictly confidential.


This can be your new home

Take a look at this short film to get an understanding about what we mean when we say: OUR BEAUTIFUL TELEMARK

And check this out: https://www.visittelemark.com/


Business areas in Skien

We continually develop and zone new areas for industry and business. We have local knowledge about properties for sale or rent. Contact us for the latest news.
Our good neighbour municipalities Porsgrunn and Bamble also have large areas for process industry and production. We will happily put you in contact.

Skien Harbour Terminal. Together with the other deep water terminals in our region, we are one of the largest ports in Norway.
Please go to: https://grenland-havn.no/about-port-of-grenland/ for more information

Kjørbekk og Rødmyr are trade and light industry areas.
For a map of the area: https://www.krio.no/kart-over-omradet/ (text in norwegian only)
For more information, please contact CEO Hans Rønning: Mobile +47 476 45 500  Email: post@krio.no

Menstad Industrial Park: Offers a variety of logistics and production services, including loading/unloading of goods, warehousing and warehouse management, transport planning, as well as packaging of products. Menstad Industri AS is an intermodal terminal with two ISPS-approved quays (general cargo, bulk and tanker), rail and good connection to the road network.
For more information, please email: administrasjon@menstadindustri.no or go to https://menstadindustri.no/kontakt

Skien North: large industrial area and train station. Mantena As have a large facility for train repair and maintenance. ABB is the largest industrial corporation in this area. Have a look at: https://new.abb.com/ to read about this exceptional company.

Klosterøya is a business park almost in the heart of town. Uses: Office, cultural, service, light industrial
For more information, please contact CEO Bratsberg Næringseiendom Simon S. Stordalen. Mobile +47 416 93 424. Email: simon.stordalen@bratsberg.as

We have under planning and construction a site for datacenter businesses. The  Gromstul area is over 4000 acres. The area is specially zoned for this type of industry.
Please go to: http://sitetelemark.no/en/ for more information.

Interactive map with up to date information about business areas in Skien and Grenland: http://www.arealguiden.no/eng/Grenland/

And of course we have a lot more.

Our guides to get established

The municipality of Skien and Vekst i Grenland (ViG) support all kind of business establishments through funds like Skien næringsfond and Grenland næringsfond. These funds support business development and risk relief in Skien and Grenland, by loans, guarantees, equity and financial support.  http://www.skien.kommune.no/skien-naringsfond/

The municipality of Skien work in close cooperation with Vekst i Grenland, which is our regional business development organisation. https://www.vig.no/english/about-vekst-i-grenland-vig, or http://arealguiden.no/eng/Grenland for an overview.

Monika Lønnebakke

Business manager
M: +47 480 50 316


Some links in English about work and starting business:

Arealguiden connects those who are looking for commercial land or property for specific needs: http://arealguiden.no/Grenland/Skien-sentrum

How to start and run a business in Norway: https://www.altinn.no/en/start-and-run-business/

Work in Norway; official guide: https://www.nav.no/workinnorway/ and https://www.nav.no/en/home/ 

If you have any questions please contact: NAV EURES Vestfold og Telemark v/ EURES Adviser Cathrine Holter: cathrine.holter@nav.no

Key businesses in Skien and Grenland