Why Skien may evolve as a new European Data Centre Hub


  1. Reliable green power supply 
    • Renewable energy growth breaks new records all the time. Solar and wind power are expanding fastest, but hydropower still has some unbeatable benefits. Variable power sources like wind and sun are yet not able to completely replace fossil fuel sources. Only flexible hydropower has the key advantage of being both renewable and flexible. Norway differs from most countries by having a power surplus and 98% of all produced energy is in the form of flexible hydropower. In the region several hundred MW are available. And by the way: the prices are low.


  1. Excellent connectivity
    • A hyperscale data centre in Skien will reach nearly 300 million Europeans in 20 milliseconds. Multiple dark fibre solutions are available in the region to London (westward over the North-Sea), Amsterdam (southward through Denmark), Frankfurt (South-eastward over Gothenburg and Copenhagen), and Stockholm (eastwards). Norway has presently programs of expanding the fibre connections to Europe and USA even more.


  1. Ease of doing business
    • Skien Municipality has a record of being extremely business friendly – fast, reliable and flexible – with exceptional support of the City Council and the Telemark County. This business eagerness from the Municipality side functions as a strong regional selling point towards external investors and entrepreneurs.


  1. Lots of land
    • Within the Skien Municipality specifically and in the Grenland region generally there are a large number of excellent sites – some are developed and zoned and others under development. These sites are suitable for datacentre operators, for datacentre service and logistical companies and for a large number of other business areas.


  1. Competent workforce with vast experience
    • The Grenland region has for decades been renowned for being one of Norway’s top hubs for production and process industry. There are large numbers of huge national and international companies present in the region, like Yara, Hydro, ABB and Ineos to mention a few. The regional work force is in general highly skilled and used to working in shifts and in rotation.


  1. University with proven industry cooperation record
    • The university (USN) has more than 18.000 students located at eight campuses in the region. The site in Porsgrunn has for decades worked closely with the regional industry – to prepare the students, to perform R&D activities and to support and assist the industry.


A regional business development company – Site Telemark - owned by the landowner, Skien Municipal and Telemark County, has been established. Site Telemark facilitates all necessary activities in order to successfully establish data centres in the region.


Please contact
Erik Olsson

CEO Site Telemark
M: +47 488 99 335