Leisure and activities

Be sure to experience the great variety of activites, recreation and sports in Skien!


Explore nature

The Norwegian Tour Assosiation:



The local tourist’s association:



For questions, please call  0047 35532555
mail: telemark@dnt.no


Skien fritidspark is loaded with  possibilities for water sports, skating, climbing, frisbeegolfing, skiing – or just a lazy swim.




Skien and Telemark have severeal lovely tracks and roads suitable for cycling, both in the mountains, in the towns or by the coast.



Take a bath outside

Small, pretty waterfalls and lakes where nobody watches you. Or more crowded by the coast beaches or in right in the town centre? You will find many places to take an outdoor bath in Skien:




ODEON kino Skien

A night at the movies? In Norway no film is dubbed:



Brekkeparken park and museum

Look into real Telemark history and tradition:



Henrik Ibsen museum



Gea Norvegica Geopark

Interested in minerals or just stones?


The municipal service center: 0047 35581000 helps you.


What’s on?

Lots of entertainment in Skien, all the year. Check Visit Telemark:




Appelsinia. The municipality of Skien’s  children’s litterature festival goes on every September.


Food festival Mersmak. Every last weekend in  August, the food festival Mersmak is on. 60.000 people gather in the city centre to celebrate good food from near or far, slow food and fast food.


Snipetorpmarken  a local, traditional market in the eldest, picturesque part of Skien every last Sunday in August. http://www.snipetorp.no


Spare time activities

Skien kulturskole. Do you want to play an instrument? Sing? Act? Draw? Skien school of culture is the right place to go and get lessons.


After school activities. Team fritid have youth clubs and after school activities for children and young people from 10 to 18.


Hedvigs Hybel. Hedvigs Hybel is the hub for young people close to Skien library. Grab a bite, do your homework, read or listen to music.  For everybody under the age of 23. Occasional quiz, concerts and stage sessions.


Salmon fishing in the city centre. In 2018  a new fish ladder was installed in the city centre, which helps the salmons swim from the river to the lake (and the opposite way). You may fish salmon a short walk from the city centre from June 1st to August 31.



Grenland golfklubb. Jønnevald golf course are situated north of Skien city centre